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LEAP-RE - Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy

LEAP-RE is a project funded by the Framework Programme Horizon 2020 (2020-2025) and a national contribution to the implementation to the "Roadmap on climate change and renewable energy” (HLPD Roadmap) contributing for the Joint Africa Europe Strategy. LEAP-RE is a partnership of 88 organisations, 44 from European countries and associated countries and 39 from African countries coordinated by LGI CONSULTING (LGI), France. The LEAP-RE main objectives in Pillar 1, where FCT participate are:

  • Facilitation of dialogue between funding agencies from Europe and Africa;
  • Preparation and launching of transnational calls for proposals;
  • Monitoring of call ouputs and projects.

15th January 2021: call launch

1st April 2021, 17:00 CEST: deadline pre-proposals submission

15th June 2021: communication of pre-proposal evaluation

15th September 2021, 17:00 CEST: deadline of full proposals submission

30th November 2021: communication of full proposals results


Call text for proposals submission provide information on criteria and topics. Please consult the documents on the yellow box on the right side menu.

Call topics

  • Mapping joint research and innovation actions for next-step development of renewable energy systems (RES) and integration of RES in sustainable energy scenarios
  • End‐of‐life and second‐life management and environmental impact of renewable energy components
  • Smart stand‐alone systems.
  • Smart grid (different scales) for off grid application
  • Processes and appliances for productive uses (agriculture and industry)
  • Innovative solutions for priority domestic uses (clean cooking and cold chain)

Countries and funding organisations participating in the call: African countries: Algeria (DGRSTD-MESRS), Egypt (ASRT), Morocco (MENFPESRS, IRESEN), South Africa (DSI, SANEDI), Togo (University of Lomé); European countries: Belgium (FRS-FNRS), Finland (AKA), France (ANR, NEXA), Germany (FZJ-PtJ), Portugal (FCT), Romania (UEFISCDI), Spain (CDTI), UK (Loughborough University).

FCT’s funding commitment is 300.000,00 €. Maximum requested budget per project: 250.000,00 € (if PT coordinates a project) and 150.000 € (if just participating). Each national applicant to the call must send to the bellow mentioned e-mail the respective Statement of Commitment, until the 15th April 2021.

Applicants from other African countries not participating in the call with funding organisations could participate in the proposals and be funded

Please consult regularly this page for updated information


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