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Transnational Cooperation


MarinERA is a project funded by the ERA-Net Scheme of the EU FP6 (2004-2008). MarinERA is a partnership of the leading Marine RTD Funding Organisations in 13 European Member States (coordinated by IFREMER and managed by the Marine Board -ESF). In addition, a range of Observers (networks, funding agencies, ministries and other ERA-Net) are associated with the project. The MarinERA project main objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the networking of Marine RTD funding agencies in the European Union, leading to a more cost effective and efficient use of Member State resources including scientific personnel, specialist infrastructures and planned investments.
  • Contribute to the development of a European marine research policy, by identifying future scientific challenges.
  • Provide a basis for the sharing of available resources to address priority issues which are beyond the capacities of individual Member States.
  • Progress the reciprocal opening of Member State Marine RTD Programmes.

Call Final Results

The European partners in the MarinERA network have joined efforts to organize and fund a Pan-European call for international research projects on Regional Drivers of Ecosystem Change: Description, Modelling and Prediction.

For information on the final results of the call consult the official site at

Deployment of new MarinERA portal

The MarinERA consortium released (6th of October 2008) the On-line Portal to European Atlantic Marine Research Centres.

The Portal site provides Google-map-based access to information on over 350 Marine Research Centres from 10 countries located along the European Atlantic Coastline stretching from Iceland/Norway in the north to Spain/Portugal in the south.

The database/portal is designed to complement similar regional databases such as that prepared for the Baltic Sea (BONUS) and the Mediterranean and Black Seas (CIESM).

The database /portal will provide a very useful tool to encourage and foster closer collaboration and co-operation in marine research and development in the North Atlantic.

It is an important regional contribution to the Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union (October 2007) and the recently published European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research (September 2008).

You can visit the database at


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