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International Cooperation

Cooperation Programme in Science and Technology between Norway and Portugal



  • Application Deadline: 07 September 2016

Call for joint project proposals


The FCT and the Research Council Norway (RCN), hereby launch a call for joint scientific and technological research projects between research teams from Portugal and Norway. This call falls within the framework of the Agreement for Cooperation in Science and Technology between Portugal and Norway established in 2015.

The call is open in three scientific areas: Aquaculture, Marine Resources and Environment and Marine Biotechnology.


FCT will finance Portuguese researchers involved in teams through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education funds and the RCN will finance Norwegian researchers.

The maximum duration of projects will be 36 months, and should to start in the first quarter of 2017. The Portuguese financing may not exceed 150,000 euros per project.

National applicants selected for funding will be invited to submit formally on the FCT site the appropriate project and budget.

The national budget for this call is 600.000 euros.


Portuguese applicants will follow National regulations for eligibility, available at FCT site.

For this joint call, the RCN will be the Lead Agency ensuring the process of submission, evaluation and selection of applications. Joint project proposals must be submitted to RCN using the application form available online, within the HAVBRUK, MARINFORSK and BIOTEK2021 programmes.

The deadline for submissions is 13:00 (CET) on 07 September 2016.


Any other information relating to this call, may be requested to