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2014 Call for SR&TD Project Grants

Latest news

04.04.2016 - 2014 Call for Project Grants in all Scientific Domains
As of today, the acceptance agreements of the 689 proposals approved for funding in this call will be made available to the principal investigators. The agreements will be sent by FCT for the 384 proposals funded through the Portuguese state budget; these projects are subjected to the current FCT regulations (Regulamento de 2010). The acceptance agreements of the remaining 305 proposals will be made available through Balcão 2020, where they were submitted in November 2015. These projects are co-funded by European Union Structural and Investment Funds and thus subject to the Regulamento Específico do Domínio da Competitividade e Internacionalização (RECI).

Please note that, in the future, all FCT projects will follow similar rules, so FCT is preparing a new regulation, aligned with RECI, for projects funded solely through the Portuguese state budget. In this particular call, the rules governing those projects not submitted to Balcao2020 will follow the FCT regulations in force at the date of submission. Besides the legal implications of making any change, the approval of a new regulation would require a period of public consultation and discussion of 30 working days, followed by the time required to incorporate any suggestions, which was bound to delay the whole process.

FCT used all means at its disposal to accelerate the contracting of these proposals, ensuring the simultaneous release of the acceptance agreements, regardless of funding sources.

04.11.2015 - The proposals that have been approved for funding in the 2014 call for Project Grants in all Scientific Domains shall be funded through the Portuguese state budget and, whenever elegible, by European Union Structural and Investment Funds, included in the partnership agreement for the 2014-2020 Funding Framework, Portugal 2020. The elegible project grants will be formally invited by COMPETE 2020 to submit applications to the "Projetos de IC&DT" programme. Information on this procedure, including the list of elegible project grants, is available on the COMPETE 2020 website.

07.08.2015 - After evaluation, 689 proposals have been selected for funding (13% success rate), with €118.7 million. Final results pending appeals.

  • The applications cover the four main scientific domains: 2 112 in Exact Sciences and Engineering; 1 038 in Life and Health Sciences; 1 236 in Natural and Environmental Sciences e 1 073 in Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • The Evaluation Panels will meet in Lisbon, from 17 June to 3 July 2015.

Purpose and Overview


Important dates:

  • Application deadline: 29 January 2015


Through this call for scientific research and technological development (SR&TD) project grants, FCT wishes to support innovative ideas in all research domains that may make significant contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge, and show clear potential for significant international impact, measured in terms of scientific output.

This call will support projects of up to 36 months.

The overall budget for this call is €70 million. Selected projects will be funded from the National State Budget.

What’s included

Each approved proposal shall receive funding for 3 years (with possible extensions), of up to €200 000.


Researchers and research teams from the following organisations may apply: higher education institutions and associated research centres; Associated Laboratories; State Laboratories; private non-profit institutions (dedicated to R&D); companies (within proposals led by public or private, non-profit research institutions, and other public or private, non-profit organisations that carry out scientific research.

The Principal Investigator on an application should allocate at least 35% of time to the project.

How and when to apply

Applications should be submitted online, in English, between 25 November 2014 and 5pm (Lisbon Time), 29 January 2015.
Applicants are advised to read the Latest Application Guide and the Regulations, before submitting an application.


Submitted proposals shall be evaluated by international review panels, specific to each research domain. 
Each proposal shall be evaluated on its merit across five evaluation criteria:

  1. International scientific merit and innovativeness
  2. Scientific excellence of the research team
  3. Feasibility of the research project and realistic budget allocation
  4. Contribution of the research to the advancement of knowledge and of capacity of the S&T system in Portugal
  5. Potential economic value of the technology


For further information of this call, please e-mail

The information on this page does not replace or override any of the requirements set forth in the Regulations or the Announcement of the Call for Proposals (in Portuguese).