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R&D Projects

UT Austin | Portugal Program
2014 Call for Scientific Research and Technology Development Projects

Announcement of the Call (Read here)

1. Purpose and overview

The call is directed to combined teams of specialists and researchers in Digital Media and/or Emerging Technologies areas, with researchers in areas of Advanced Computing and Mathematics. It supports two types of projects: Exploratory and Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects (SR&TD). Researchers from the areas of advanced computing and mathematics with interests in the target areas are encouraged to prepare proposals with digital media and emerging technologies researchers.

All the applications have to fulfill the terms mentioned in the document “Terms of Reference for the Call for Research and Development Projects”.

2. What’s included

The total funding available for this call is € 1 150 000.

The maximum funding for each exploratory project is € 30 000, for a maximum of 12 months. For the SR&DT projects the maximum funding for each project is € 200 000, for up to 36 months.

3. Who can apply

Researchers and research teams from the following organisations may apply:

  1. Institutions of higher education, their Institutes and R&D Centres;
  2. Associate Laboratories;
  3. State Laboratories;
  4. Private, not-for-profit organisations with science and technology as their main activity;
  5. Other public and private not-for-profit organisations that carry out or participate in scientific research activities.

Proposals for Exploratory Projects should include at least one Portuguese institution and the University of Texas at Austin.

For SR&TD projects the proposal should include members from at least two Portuguese institutions, the University of Texas at Austin as well as the participation of companies.

4. How and when to apply

Applications should be submitted to FCT, in English, between 24th April and 5 pm (Lisbon time) 24th June 2014, using a specific on-line form, through the website:

Applications to this call include the on-line FCT form and the "Annex to Application", both equally relevant for evaluation.

Applicants are advised to read the UT Austin Portugal Guidelines for Proposal Writing , the Terms of Reference for the Call for Research and Development Projects, the Guide for Peer Reviewers and the Regulations, before submitting an application.

5. Evaluation

Evaluation will be carried out by international independent reviewers. Each proposal shall be evaluated on its merits across five evaluation criteria:

  1. Scientific merit and innovative nature of the project from an international standpoint;
  2. Scientific merit of the research team;
  3. Feasibility of the plan of work and reasonableness of the budget;
  4. Contribution to the body of knowledge and competence of the National Science and Technology System;
  5. Potential economic value of the technology.

6. Contacts

Information on scientific issues of the application can be obtained from:

Information on the contents of the application form may be obtained from:

For information regarding questions related to the technical aspects of the website, please contact the webmaster by e-mail at

The information on this page does not replace or override any requirements set forth in the Regulations or the Announcement of the Call for Proposals.