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The information may be unavailable due to the results not being approved or confirmed. In particular, when a call includes regions where projects are cofunded by EC funds and others where that is not the case, confirmation or approval may be not simultaneous.

Call for Funding of Research and Development Projects in all Scientific Domains - 2009

Civil and Mine Engineering

    Painel de Avaliação da área de Engenharia Civil e Minas - 2009
  • Michael J. Kavvadas
  • Aronne Armanini
  • Chris Cheeseman
  • Caspar Groot
  • David Nethercot
  • Raffaele Landolfo

DYNAMO_DEMO - Advanced Tools for Dynamic Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges and Special Structures. Álvaro Alberto de Matos Ferreira da Cunha, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FE/UP). €86,736.


NANOCRETE - Development and optimization of polymer concrete nanocomposites with enhanced behaviour under fire and high service temperatures. Maria Cristina dos Santos Ribeiro, INEGI - Instituto de Ciência e Inovação em Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Industrial (INEGI/UP). €89,346.


IMPACTFIRE - Robust Connections for Impact and Fire Loading. Aldina Santiago, Universidade de Coimbra (UC). €183,599.


Wave Interaction With Floating Structures in Shallow Water. JOYDIP BHATTACHARJEE, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/ULisboa). €126,010.


Electrokinetic treatment of sewage sludge and membrane concentrate: phosphorus recovery and dewatering. Alexandra de Jesus Branco Ribeiro, NOVA.ID.FCT - Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (NOVA.ID.FCT). €177,613.


CutInDur - Long-term structural and durability performance of concrete elements strengthened with the NSM technique. José Sena-Cruz, Universidade do Minho (UM). €157,498.


MODAT - Multi-objective Decision-Aid Tool for Highway Asset Management. Adelino Jorge Lopes Ferreira, Universidade de Coimbra (UC). €141,471.


Friction and mechanical energy dissipation in pressurized transient flows: conceptual and experimental analysis. Dídia Isabel Cameira Covas, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/ULisboa). €130,224.


Rehabilitation of Building Floors with Lightweight High Performance GFRP Sandwich Panels. Fernando Branco, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/ULisboa). €181,896.


ECO-Zement: Reuse of fluid catalytic cracking waste from oil refineries in cement-based materials. Carla Maria Duarte da Silva e Costa, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL/IPL). €156,486.


Waste geopolymeric binder-based natural vegetated panels for energy-efficient building green roofs and facades. JOÃO PAULO DE CASTRO GOMES, Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI). €152,832.


SPACE - A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic model development and validation for Coastal Engineering applications. Eric Didier, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC). €127,787.


Thermal characterization of building elements using thermography - computational modeling and experimental approach. Nuno Albino Vieira Simões, Universidade de Coimbra (UC). €175,742.


FLAT - Behaviour of Flat Slabs under Cyclic and Seismic Actions. Válter José da Guia Lúcio, Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FFCT/FCT/UNL). €159,493.


Ground Vibrations and Noise Induced by High-Speed Trains: Prediction and Mitigation. Raimundo Moreno Delgado, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FE/UP). €184,025.


PrePAM - Pre-fabricated thin panels using advanced materials for structural rehabilitation. Joaquim António Oliveira de Barros, Universidade do Minho (UM). €181,286.


PRELAMI - Performance of reinforced concrete structures strengthened in flexural with an innovative system using prestressed NSM CFRP laminates. Salvador José Esteves Dias, Universidade do Minho (UM). €178,674.


IMPROVE - Improvement of performance of aggregates in the inhibition of alkali-aggregate reactions in concrete. António Santos Silva, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC). €199,980.


Adaptive methods for reliability analysis of complex structures. Ângelo Manuel Palos Teixeira, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST/ULisboa). €155,654.


PRECASEISMIC - Behaviour of Precast Concrete Structures under Seismic Actions - Development of High Performance Connections. Válter José da Guia Lúcio, NOVA.ID.FCT - Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (NOVA.ID.FCT). €168,660.