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The information may be unavailable due to the results not being approved or confirmed. In particular, when a call includes regions where projects are cofunded by EC funds and others where that is not the case, confirmation or approval may be not simultaneous.

Call for Funding of Research and Development Projects in all Scientific Domains - 2009

History - History

    Painel de Avaliação da área de História - 2009
  • Ramon Villares
  • Dejanirah Couto
  • Fernando J. Devoto
  • William Shea
  • Fernando Jesus Bouza Alvarez
  • Felipe Criado-Boado
  • Walter Bernecker

Explorations on social mobility in Portugal(1860-1960). Paulo Eduardo Marques da Costa Guimarães, Universidade de Évora (UE). €87,100.


Knowledge and Vision: Photography within the Portuguese colonial archive and museum (1850-1950). Filipa Lowndes Vicente, Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (ICS-ULisboa/ULisboa). €53,928.


Political decision, collective needs and professional affirmation: the Hospital de Todos os Santos in perspective. Laurinda Abreu, Universidade de Évora (UE). €90,980.


LANDS OVER SEAS: Property Rights in the Early Modern Portuguese Empire. Jose Joaquim Vicente Serrao, Associação de Estudos de História Contemporânea Portuguesa (AEHCP). €70,500.


Belief and Citizenship: Catholic Organisations and Press in Twentieth Century Portuguese Society. Paulo Fernando de Oliveira Fontes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP). €55,319.


The gold jewellery from the Atlantic Western Peninsula (Bronze Age-Iron Age). Torcs, bracelets and earrings from the Portuguese territory: manufacturing techniques, metal alloys composition and corrosion mechanisms. Maria Filomena Parrela Camisão Guerra, Direção-Geral do Património Cultural (DGPC). €64,000.


Prosopography of the Resident and Itinerant Portuguese Communities in the Philippines (1582-1654). elsa penalva, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH/UNL). €35,910.


Unveiling police(men) histories. Urban policing in Portugal, 1860-1960´s. Susana Soares Branco Durão, Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (ICS-ULisboa/ULisboa). €88,295.