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The information may be unavailable due to the results not being approved or confirmed. In particular, when a call includes regions where projects are cofunded by EC funds and others where that is not the case, confirmation or approval may be not simultaneous.

Proposals for Research and Development Projects in all Scientific Domains - 2004

Health Sciences - Oncology and Biopathology of Organs and Systems

    Painel de Onc. e Biopatologia Painel A - 2004
  • Carlos Caldas
  • Gabriel Capella
  • David Bowtell
  • Ermano Gherardi
  • Nick Lemoine
  • António Campos Munoz
  • André Beiras
  • Alice Warley
  • Julia Buján
  • Indalecio Montesinos

Genes associated to intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa (MUC2 mucin and fucosyltransferase FUT3): regulation of transcription and role in Helicobacter pylori adhesion. Maria Leonor Martins Soares David, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €96,680.


Identification of signaling pathways involved in Cdx2 regulation in two human models of altered intestinal differentiation: intestinal metaplasia and juvenile polyposis. Raquel Maria da Silva Graça Almeida, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €98,500.


Oncogenic role of BRAF activation in thyroid carcinogenesis. Ana Paula Soares Dias Ferreira, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €95,250.


Identification of Glycosylation-associated genes induced by Helicobacter pylori in gastric cells: a glycomic approach. Celso Albuquerque Reis, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €55,000.


In mismatch repair deficiency colorectal cancer are BRAF and KRAS new prognostic and therapeutic tools? Raquel Seruca, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €78,690.


Functional genomic screens in a Drosophila model to study the mechanisms of E-Cadherin triggered tumorigenesis. Luis Fernando Casares Fernandez, Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular (IBMC/UP). €41,327.


Functional analysis of the E-cadherin repressors (Slug, ZEB1 and E12/E47) in gastric cancer. Maria de Fátima Machado Henriques Carneiro, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €96,800.


Implications for tumor development of Rac1/Rac1b-modulated gene transcription. Peter Jordan, Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, FP (FFC/FC/ULisboa). €46,600.


E-cadherin germline missense mutations and hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: a model for the identification of the E-cadherin-dependent signaling pathways pivotal for cell invasion. Gianpaolo Suriano, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €43,590.


Targeted drug delivery to tumor vasculature: a new therapy against human breast cancer. João Nuno Sereno de Almeida Moreira, Centro de Neurociências e Biologia Celular (CNBC/UC). €45,000.


Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying gastric cancer in families positive and negative for E-cadherin germline mutations. Carla Oliveira, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €92,180.


Identification of target genes of genomic deletions and amplifications common to breast and prostate cancer. Manuel António Rodrigues Teixeira, Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto Francisco Gentil, EPE (IPO Porto). €35,000.


External and Cell-Autonomous Signals in Tumorigenesis: Potential Targets for Novel Cancer Therapies. João Pedro Taborda Barata, Instituto de Medicina Molecular João lobo Antunes (IMM/FM/ULisboa). €69,448.


Pathogenesis of essential thrombocythemia: Identification and characterization of molecular defects in NFATC2, ATP9A and SALL4 genes. Luís Miguel Ramos Vieira, Pró-INSA, Associação para a Promoção da Investigação em Saúde (Pró-INSA/INSARJ). €36,500.


Affordable, very-high sensitivity human PET: feasibility studies. Joao Jose Pedroso Lima, Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas (LIP). €99,288.


Inactivation of mitochondrial complex II tumor suppressor genes in sporadic and familiar paragangliomas and pheochromocytomas. Ginesa Garcia Rostan, Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular (IPATIMUP/UP). €20,000.