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Call in the framework of the protocol between FCT and Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género (CIG)

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24.07.2015 - Report "Mutilação Genital Feminina: prevalências, dinâmicas socioculturais e recomendações para a sua eliminação" (In Portuguese only)

The Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT, I.P.) and the Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género (CIG, Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality), wish to fund a research project, into the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) in Portugal.

The call for applications is part of the II Programa de Ação para a Eliminação da Mutilação Genital Feminina (MGF) [II Action Plan for the Elimination Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)], in which Portugal intervenes since 2009. This research plays an important part in the objectives of this Plan, to enhance knowledge about MGF in a national context and thus contribute to the development of intervention policies.

Research area

The call is open to epidemologic studies into the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation in Portugal, identifying the estimated number of girls and women who are victimised and threatened by the different types of mutilation, as classified by the World Health Organization (2007).

Evaluation and selection

Given that applications should be evaluated by all the members of the evaluation panel and one of the evaluators assigned for this call declared conflict of interest, and hence did not evaluate all applications submitted in this call, it was decided that a new evaluator should be appointed. The new evaluator will assess all applications submitted, so that the principle of equal treatment is fulfilled and all applications are assessed independently by all members of the evaluation panel.

The results of this call will be reported to candidates as soon as the assessment is complete.
FCT and CIG regret this delay and hope the evaluation process to be brief so that the selected application to be funded can start the work proposed.

Applications will be reviewed by an Evaluation Panel specifically assigned by both FCT and CIG, composed of the following independent evaluators:

Alison Macfarlane (View profile)

Amy Russell (View profile)

Anália Torres (View profile)

Carla Matingo (View profile)


The call is open from 20 March to 30 April 2013.


Researchers and/or research teams with relevant scientific or professional experience in relevant domains to carry out this project.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted using the available form, and sent to until 30 April, 5pm.

More information

For all information regarding this call, see the Announcement (Portuguese only).
This call is in accordance with the requirements established in the Regulamento dos Apoios Especiais (Portuguese only).