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Call for Expressions of Interest in Post-doctoral Research Fellowships at the National Institutes of Health (USA) - 2015



  • Preparatory phase: 9 April to 31 May 2015
  • Call for Expression of Interest: 1 June to 15 July 2015

Purpose and Overview

FCT launches the 2015 call for expressions of interest in the NIH-FCT Research Fellow Programme, to award Portuguese researchers of exceptional talent post-doctoral fellowships to carry out research in one of the laboratories within the NIH Intramural Research Program.

The call itself in preceded by a preparatory phase during which applicants identified prospective NIH Mentors, from amongst NIH Principal Investigators.


FCT will fund up to four post-doctoral fellowships. Each fellowship will have a maximum duration of three years, with possible renewal for returning fellows, again for a maximum of three years. The stipends and components of the fellowship are detailed in the Notice of the Call (available only in Portuguese).


The NIH-FCT Research Fellow Programme is open to applicants who:

  • Are Portuguese citizens that have obtained a PhD up to three years to the application deadline and have been living in Portugal for two consecutive years before the deadline;
  • Are authors or co-authors of original peer-reviewed publications that have a combined impact factor for the year of publication equal to or greater than 10.000 (without rounding off);
  • Have not received direct NIH funding or carried out prior research in NIH laboratories or centres;
  • Include in their application proof of acceptance from their NIH Mentor, who is required to be a NIH Principal Investigator that conducts research within the Intramural Research Programme.


Preparatory phase
The preparatory phase that precedes the call for expressions of interest runs from 9 April to 31 May 2015.

During this time applicants are required to contact NIH Principal Investigators that conduct research within the NIH Intramural Research Programme, and only these Principal Investigators.

The following documents should be included when contacting the prospective mentor:

Applicants are advised to prepare the full application during this period, too.

Detailed information on this phase and the full application is available in the Preparatory Phase to the Expression of Interest in NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (available only in Portuguese).

Expression of Interest
The Expression of Interest should be using the specific Application Form. All accompanying documents should be prepared in English, and sent in pdf format with the application form, by e-mail to

The call for expressions of interest will run from 1 June to 15 July 2015.

Detailed information is available in the Notice of the Call (available only in Portuguese) and the Evaluation Guide (in Portuguese), which applicants are advised to read carefully.


Applications will be assessed by an Evaluation Panel of Portugal-based leading researchers. NIH will determine the final list of selected applicants from a shortlist provided by FCT.

Applicants will be scored from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), based solely on scientific merit, measured by scientific output, original and creative nature of previous research and match between the applicant’s profile and the research project to be undertaken at the NIH.


Please direct enquiries on this programme to

The information on this page does not replace or override any requirements set forth in the Notice of the Call for Post-Doctoral fellowships a the NIH (available only in Portuguese).