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Scientific Councils

The Scientific Councils provide the FCT Board with strategic advice and recommendations on developing, implementing and modifying science and technology support programmes.

Each Scientific Council is composed of 7 members and meets on a regular basis (usually every two months).

It is the Scientific Councils’ remit to …

  • Advise on FCT’s strategic plans for research, training and knowledge exchange, in order to increase Portugal’s scientific competitiveness;
  • Advise FCT on building a multidisciplinary research community and supporting internationally competitive science in Portugal;
  • Provide an appropriate environment for testing new ideas.

Members of the Scientific Councils should have ...

  • A recognised record of scientific achievement;
  • A well-established record of working at senior level and/or experience in managing departments or organisations either in academia or in a commercial/industrial environment;
  • A background in one of the four scientific domains.
  • A specific interest in the work of the Scientific Councils.

Members of the Scientific Councils are expected to ...

  • Convey the perspective of Portuguese key stakeholder groups including academia, business, government and society;
  • Act as a “generous generalists” rather than supporters of a particular discipline or sector;
  • Work collectively to address difficult issues from a number of perspectives that may have competing priorities;
  • Have knowledge of the national scientific system and a broad international perspective, with a specific focus on societal challenges and ethical issues.

Scientific Councils


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