• Latest update August 2014


Scientific Community Support Fund (FACC)

The Scientific Community Support Programme (FACC) provides selective funding for initiatives by the scientific community and institutions in Portugal that are excluded from other FCT funding schemes and programmes. FACC supports proposals from all fields of research, aimed at promoting the development and internationalisation of the scientific communities’ activities.


Organization of scientific meetings

Publishing of works of a scientific nature

Operation of scientific societies or of scientific institutions of a similar nature

Activities that reinforce the internationalisation of the Portuguese scientific community

Participation of post-graduate students or post-doctoral fellows in scientific meetings abroad

Short stays in Portugal of scientists residing abroad


  1. In assembling the statistics, the scientific fields assigned to the grants in the respective management process were grouped according to the first level of the Frascati Manual FOS classification / OECD (February 2007 revision).
  2. The regions identified correspond to NUTS level II units.
  3. FACC was suspended in 2012, therefore, there are no statistical series available for this year.
  4. New regulations were approved in 2013 and a new type of support is available.


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