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SR&TD Projects Portugal-India

Latest News

02.02.2022 - Publication of results here.

17.01.2022 – Call for proposals 2020 - 10 projects funded.

28.05.2020 - New date for submisson of applications: 31.07.2020, 17:00 (Lisbon time)

28.05.2020 - New date for submisson of Declaration of Committment: 17.08.2020, 17:00 (Lisbon time)

08.05.2020 – R&D Project Call Portal here and the information file (mandatory annex) on Indian teams.

22.04.2020 - In the spirit of promoting S&T international cooperation in the fight against coronavirus, FCT and DST decide that in this call proposals will be accepted that include scientific and technological solutions for Covid-19, as long as related to the research areas of this call. Point 2 of the Call Text changed.

Global Vision and Overview

In order to support and encourage cooperation between research institutions, universities and R&D centers in India and Portugal, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and Department of Science and Technology of India (DST) hereby announce that a call is open to fund of Scientific Research and Technological Development Joint Projects, developed in close collaboration by Portuguese and Indian research teams in the following priority areas of common interest:

  • Biotechnology;
  • Energy;
  • Environment;
  • Infrastructure Sustainability;
  • Climate Change;
  • Disaster Management;
  • Marine Science & Technology.

All projects related to S&T solutions against COVID-19/ Pandemic which falls under the above given subjects will be encouraged and considered.

This call is launched under the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between both entities on March 1, 2019.


The call will support projects for a maximum period of 36 months (extendable, if duly justified, for a maximum an additional 12 months).

FCT provides the for the Portuguese teams of the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN) a total budget of EUR 1,000,000. The maximum value attributed by FCT to each selected project is EUR 100,000, from national funds through FCT’s budget. DST provides as counterpart the co-funding for research teams from India.


Research teams from the following Portuguese entities may apply, individually or in co-promotion, for funding:

1.1 Non-entrepreneurial entities of the Portuguese R&I system, namely:

  • a. Higher education institutions, their institutes and R&D units;
  • b. State or international laboratories with head office in Portugal;
  • c. Non-profit private institutions whose main object is R&D activity;
  • d. Other non-profit public and private institutions developing or participating in scientific re-search activities.

1.2 Companies of any type and under any legal form if included in SR&TD projects led by non-entrepreneurial entities from the R&I system.

Indian teams must follow the terms of this call and the DST regulations.

How to apply

Applications must be jointly prepared by the researchers in charge (PI) from both countries and submitted to the respective funding institutions. Thus, the Portuguese team must submit their application to FCT and the Indian team to DST.

Applications that are not submitted to FCT and DST will not be considered eligible.

For national teams, applications must be submitted, in English, in their own form and electronically submitted through the R&D Project Call Portal, until July 31, 2020 (17:00, Lisbon time). Applications are comprised of the electronic form, the project task scheduling file (mandatory annex) and the Information file on Indian teams (mandatory annex).

The digitization of the Declaration of Commitment for each application (signed by the PI and beneficiary institutions) must be submitted in a single document on the R&D Project Call Portal, by August 17, 2020 (17:00, Lisbon time).

For more information, it is recommended to read the Call's documents, namely:the FCT Project Regulation and the Ethics Self-Assessement Guide.


Applications must be submitted until July 31 2020, at 17:00 (Lisbon time).

The Declaration of Commitment must be submitted until August 17, 2020, 17:00 (Lisbon time).


Proposals considered eligible will be evaluated by both Parties and subsequently analysed in a joint meeting - Joint Selection Committee, including of elements from FCT and DST, and those that are the subject of an agreement between the two institutions will be considered for funding. In addition to the scientific evaluation, other criteria may be considered in the joint decision such as the distribution by scientific domains, geographic areas of the research teams, gender balance, among others.

Each proposal will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Scientific merit and innovative nature of the project from an international standpoint in the scientific area and within the goals of the call;
  2. Scientific merit of the research team;
  3. Feasibility of the work plan and reasonability of the budget;
  4. Contribution to the knowledge accumulation and competencies of the National Scientific and Technological System in the scientific areas of the call, to the feasibility of their application to improve the goals of the call, and merit of the demonstration, promotion and disclosure of the project’s outputs with interest of both nations.


Olga Dias
Scientific Officer
Tel: (+351) 21 391 15 44
Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Scientist E
Tel:(+91) 11 26590304

No information contained in this page replaces or overlaps on what is stipulated in the FCT Project Regulation and the Call text.