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Doctorates 4 Covid 19

Latest News

20.04.2020 - FCT clarification about the Opening Call Notice “DOCTORATES 4 COVID-19” for Research Scholarships.
In view of COVID-19 infection, it is necessary to promote and support research related to this pandemic and its causal agent, SARS-CoV-2, aligned with other national and international efforts and initiatives. This research promotion on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 should be multifaceted and, thus, based on the support for applications in all scientific areas, and should contribute to at least one of the nine objectives described in the Opening Notice of this call, always focused on this pandemic and on this virus. Only a research support approach focused on COVID-19 and on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, globally integrated, multidisciplinary, with complementarity and comprehensiveness, can contribute to new knowledge and develop new approaches in order to consolidate more effective ways of dealing with this pandemic, in an extrapolated way for other similar future pandemics, based on the acquired knowledge. This strategy, exclusively focused on COVID-19 and on SARS-CoV-19, is thus, fully aligned with the European Union's international strategy of promoting research focused on this problem, which will allow, as well, to integrate national projects in international efforts and networks. For all these reasons, doctorate scholarships of this call will only be awarded to projects within the new Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 of COVID-19 disease and aligned with the nine objectives described in the Opening Notice.

Purpose and Overview

The Call DOCTORATES 4 COVID-19 aims to support the development of knowledge to create the skills needed to respond to the pandemic of the new corona virus SARS CoV2 and the Covid-19 disease, and to future pandemics, that may translate into efficient prevention measures, better healthcare and an effective support to citizens.

The Call will support applications in any scientific field that contribute to the following objectives:

  1. Epidemiology and risk factors for infection, and severe illness caused by the virus;
  2. Human-animal interaction, mechanisms of resistance and inter-species transmission of the virus, and the risk of pandemics;
  3. Prevention and preparedness strategies for new epidemics, including vaccines;
  4. Innovative approaches, including new methods and new technologies, for the disease diagnosis;
  5. Characterization of the viral infection mechanisms;
  6. Characterization of the host's immune, cellular and serological, response to infection by the virus, impact of age and comorbidities;
  7. Development of new therapies and new therapeutic approaches, including life support and personal protection equipment to fight the disease;
  8. Effects of viral infection on maternal and newborn health;
  9. Psychological impact and behavioral changes associated with the pandemic.

Who Can Apply

In the Call DOCTORATES 4 COVID-19, PhD studentships will be awarded to fund the PhD student research activities that will grant the doctorate academic degree, framed within the scope of the Call, and that contribute to its objectives.

Researchers of any nationality or stateless individuals may apply.

Research activities may be carried out in any environment of production and dissemination of knowledge, national or international.

The work plan may be entirely or partially carried out in a national institution (studentship in Portugal or both in Portugal and abroad studentship, respectively).

Applications with work plans carried out entirely in a foreign institution (“Abroad” studentship) are not eligible.

How and when to apply

The call for applications is open from 8th April 2020. Applications should be submitted online on myFCT portal. Only one proposal per applicant is allowed.

Before submitting your application, FCT recommends the careful reading of the following documents: Notice of the Call, Annex I of the Notice of the Call (Evaluation Guide), Application Guide, Research Fellowship Statute e Rewsearch Fellowship Holder Statute.

Deadlines and Important Dates

The Call is open from April 8th to 5:00 pm (Lisbon time) of May 14th 2020.


Information related to the application procedure or application form may be required via email to This will be the only communication channel for questions related to filling in the application form.

To clarify any doubts about the creation and management of your CV, CIÊNCIAVITAE platform has a helpdesk available through the email: