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  • Updated on 27/12/2021

Scientific Employment Stimulus

Latest News

27.12.2021 - FCT has published the notice for the 5th edition of the Individual Call to Scientific Employment (CEEC Individual). Applications will be open from 3 February 2022 until 5pm (Lisbon time) of 3 March 2022. (see News).

08.07.2020 - Evaluation report on the implementation of the Scientific Employment Stimulus Programme

Scientific Employment Stimulus is an incentive to hire new researchers and for the development of scientific employment plans and scientific careers by public or private institutions. It is constituted by the following instruments:

  1. Scientific Employment Stimulus - Individual Call - direct support for the hiring of PhD researchers in all scientific areas through annual calls promoted by FCT, aiming to facilitate the continuous and systematic integration of new PhD holders in institutions.
  2. Scientific Employment Stimulus - Institutional Call – support for the development of R&D activities by institutions, stimulating the hiring of PhD researchers through calls directed at institutions.
  3. Support to scientific employment plans within the process of evaluation of R&D Units 2017-2018.

These funding schemes strengthen the national scientific and technological system and promote employment opportunities for PhD holders, facilitating the formalisation of scientific employment and contributing to the greater national attractiveness for highly qualified young people. They also contribute to the rejuvenation of scientific institutions, attracting more and better scientists, and to facilitate a framework that stimulates the mobility of researchers.

  1. Contracts established under the transitional rule of Decree Law 57/2016, amended by Law 57/2017 and in accordance with the regulatory decree approved by the Council of Ministers. Information on this procedure is available here. See also information on the implementation of the transitional rule in institutions.

For information on types of contracts previously offered by FCT, click here.